Comments From Customers


"I have four pieces.  When I moved they were the very first things I hung on my wall"

-Laurie Aho, D.D.S.


"Over the years I have selected some favorites and purchased them, and so now I have quite a collection of small pieces by Kat.  I recently moved to a new apartment and they were the perfect step to make the place feel like home.  Her pictures are like close friends.  I like to pair them together using different color combinations.  But more importantly, following her blog through many changes in medium and subject matter gives each piece more meaning and context."

-Alice Townes


"Buying artwork from Kat was a great experience.  Placing my order was easy, she quickly answered some questions I had and got things shipped right away, and everything arrived in perfect condition.  And of course, her art wonderfully accents my home!"

-Dan Perrine

"I have purchased six Kandeart works over the last few years, four for myself and two as gifts.  The recipients of the gifts absolutely loved them, and it goes without saying that I love the ones I bought for myself. I've had them up on my walls ever since and my friends always comment about the unique style and subject matter.  I highly recomment Kandeart to anyone interested in owning high-quality original art."



"I have had nothing but exceptional experiences with Kandeart.  I encountered a brilliant and talented artist, a warm and generous human being, and the best drawing of a dinosaur skeleton this world has ever seen.  Thank you thank you thank you!"

-Jennifer Jordan


"I love the brightness the vibrant colors in Kat's paintings bring to my walls. I can't think of a single guest in my home who hasn't complemented one or more of the pieces of KandeArt I have on display. Put simply, Kat's art makes my home a more beautiful place."

-Audrey Scheck


"I have admired Kat's art since long before it was ever for sale.  Her imagination and characters draw me into another world.  I am both happy and lucky to own a rather large collection of her pieces, as well as a custom painting, and have greedily kept them mostly in my own home.  They are, to me, a refreshing reminder not to take life so seriously."

-Karen M.


"Her work is bold and expressive.  Each piece is whimsical, but at the same time inspires me to think about each subject she portrays.  Her use of color is beyond compare.  Each piece that hangs in my house tells a small story about the artist and makes a bright spot in my day"

-Jennifer French